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PMS recognised a global need for a second high volume main stream fresh potato snack product and process versus existing regular fried potato chips.

PMS specialise in developing innovative technology to manipulate the fresh potato cell structure to achieve the highest quality texture, colour and fresh flavour.

PMS have developed a continuous processing pilot line using their technology, which can produce fresh snacks comparable to the most advanced production lines.

Potato Manufacturing Science Ltd - Snack Innovators

  • Looking to grow your snack manufacturing business?
  • Looking for new products for your snack market?
  • Looking to increase your market share?
  • Looking for a product and process which delivers high profit margins?
  • With 15 years of development resource, PMS are the world leaders in fresh potato snack innovation, having the ability to create a unique snack process to meet the needs of today’s snack manufacturers.

PMS Aim - To produce fresh potato products and expand fresh potato category of snacks

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